The Washington Township Youth Lacrosse Advisory Board is made up of volunteers, who are in charge of the Lacrosse Program and report to the TWP Sports Athletic Board.

Interested in a board position? Contact a current board member for further information.


Term 9-1-2022 to 8-30-2024

The President:

Shall preside over all meetings and act as a liaison between the Lacrosse Advisory Board (LAB) and the Washington Township Sports Advisory Board (SAB).

Shall coordinate special LAB meetings when necessary. Bring rules and bylaws changes to the attention of the SAB

Attend or provide substitute at SAB meetings.

Oversee all program activities

Uphold all LAB disciplinary actions in accordance with bylaws.

Provide club budget when requested.

The President is not a voting member unless there is a tie and the President shall have the deciding vote.

Vice President

Term 9-1-2022 to 8-31-2024

The Vice-President:

Shall assist the President with any activities assigned;

Shall succeed the President during his/her term in the event the President cannot complete his/her term for any reason;

Shall preside over all meetings in the event the President is not available.


The Secretary will:

Keep accurate minutes of all meetings both scheduled and special.

Receive and log all LAB correspondence.

Retain/maintain all LAB records.

Compile and maintain the adult volunteer list.


Term 9-1-2022 to 8-31-2024

The Treasurer will:

Coordinate all financial activities of the LAB

Deposit received funds in the name of the WTYL

Log and pay bills as received by the WTYL

Report the status of funding at each LAB meeting. The report will include a minimum of the following:

The beginning balance of funds held.

A detailed listing of all cash inflows.

A detailed listing of all cash out flows. The ending balance of funds held.

Copy of bank statement to support ending balance of funds held. Reconciliation will be provided if the bank statement does not equal the ending balance of funds held.

Annual report presented at the LAX September meeting.

The annual report shall contain the same reports as are required in the monthly meetings except it will be for the period of July 1st through June 30th of the previous year. It will also include a Report of Income and Expenditures summarized by categories.

The annual treasures report will be reported when requested at the Sports Advisory Board Meeting.

Boys League Representative

Girls League Representative

Term 9-1-2022 to 8-31-2024

The Boys and Girls League Representatives will:

Shall represent the WTYL at all league meetings (SJYLAX) and SAB meetings. If not available, must coordinate with a substitute.

Report to the LAB the results of all league and SAB meetings.

Present league issues for discussion and approval to the LAB.

Convey all issues of the WTYL to the league when necessary.

Relay and inform all league requirements to the LAB and coaches. F. Coordinate collection of game rosters for submission to the league.

Coordinate collection of prospective coaches for submission to SAB and league if needed.

Boys Field Coordinator

Girls Field Coordinator

Term 9-1-2021 to 8-31-2023

The Boys and Girls Field Representatives will:

Arrange for facility preparation and field scheduling through WTPR office.

Organize the putting up and taking down of all field signs.

Ensure that field preps are taken care of and in working order.

Assist with field setup and breakdown.

Work with public works in keeping the field clean and safe.

Coordinate scheduling duties, as needed, as assigned per league guidelines and/or procedures.






Emeritus Members will:

There will be five (5) members, not titled.

They will have voting rights.

Member cannot hold more than one position unless there is no one to take the open position.

To be eligible, the candidate(s) must have held an Officer position and volunteered in any other area of the club for at least 2 years.