1. Create an account in USA Lacrosse and purchase a player membership.
  2. Register for the SPRING 2023 Season ( You will need the player membership # from USA Lacrosse)
  3. Purchase a uniform kit.

$75.00 November 15th to December 31
$85.00 January 1 2023 to January 15 2023

ALL players are required to have an active USA Lacrosse Membership number when registering.

Players will need to order their uniform through MBM sports
boys are required to order reversible game top, shorts, practice pinny
girls are required to order reversible game top, skirt, practice pinny

Uniforms must be ordered by January 22th to ensure delivery by the beginning of the season

*1 order per player. If you have multiple children playing you need to make individual uniform orders*

*Each order should have 4 items total ordered*


All Coaches and Assistant Coaches are required to have a USA Lacrosse Membership. ($55 fee)

The league will reimburse you the membership fee.  Send receipts to Treasurer Mike Ritzinger


All Coaches and Assistant coaches are also required by washington township to be megan's law certified. (no fee)

Certification must be valid through July 1 2023